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Moonchang Co., Ltd.Thinking About the Future and The Environment
We will Do Our Best to become a Technology-accumulating and Environment-friendly Company.

STS Cylindrical Water Tank

Product Overview

The Stainless Steel Cylindrical Water Tank Uses STS304(General Type) and STS329LS(High Corrosion Resistance Type) Materials to secure Hygiene and is a Highly Corrosion-resistant and Highly Durable Water Tankthat Naturally Harmonizes with the surrounding Environment by Applying Elegant Finishing Materials.


Stainless Steel Cylindrical Water Tank

  • Secured Hygiene by Applying STS304 (General Type) and STS329LD (High Corrosion Resistance Type) Materials
  • Natural Harmony with the Surrounding Environment by Applying Aluminum and Film-pressed Color Iron Finishing Materials
  • Prevents Freezing and Bursting in Winter with a Built-in Pipe Structure

Functions & Features

Moonchang’s Cylindrical Water Tank, which is made of Highly Corrosion-resistant Material, has Excellent Corrosion Resistance and Excellent Durability, so it does not Deform or Break Even when used for a Long time.
It’s Possible to Prevent from Freezing in the Winter because of Plumbed-in Construction and the Sleek Aluminum Jacket comes in a Choice of Color-patterned Finishes.

  • Built-in Pipe Structure
  • Eco-friendly Water Tank using STS 304/329LD Material
  • Stylish, High-end Aluminum or Colored Patterned Jacket Finish
  • Excellent Artiron Insulation Construction
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