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STS Seismic Isolation Water Tank

Product Overview

This product was developed for by isolating the water tank and the ground using a seismic isolator (low-hardness laminated rubber bearing), damage to the water tank caused by external forces is prevented in the event of an earthquake. The water storage and drainage functions of the water tank, which is alifeline facility for survival, can be continuously performed.


Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank

  • Developed a Water Tank Applied with a Seismic Isolator for the First Time in Korea (7.0 on the Richter Scale)
  • Obtained NET New Technology Certification from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • Obtained Performance Certification from the Small and Medium Venture Business Department
  • 2016 Korea New Technology Innovation Award

Functions & Features

Seismic Isolation Support and Auxiliary Support

By Alternately Stacking Rubber and Internal Plates, the Expansion Phenomenon is Suppressed During Compression and Deformation to Increase Load Capacity.

    Seismic Isolation Support

    • Capable of Accommodating Vertical Load from 50 kN to 500 kN
    • Almost no Residual Displacement because of the Restoring Force of the Rubber
    • Has Excellent Maintenance as there is No Corrosion
    • Accommodates Shear Deformation without Rubber Slipping by Fastening and Fixing Bolts Between Rubber and Upper and Lower Plates

    Auxiliary Support

    • The Horizontal Force of the Water Tank can be Adjusted.
    • Applying a PTFE pad with a Low Coefficient of Friction to Support Shear Force During Elastic behavior of Seismic Isolation Support

Design Reflection through ANSYS Structural Analysis Program

Development of a Water Tank Safety Prediction Program for the First Time in Korea
  • As a result of Stress Analysis, the stress of the Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank is Reduced by about 60% / Reliability and Safety Verification of the Water Tank because of the Application of Seismic Isolation Support
  • Based on ANSYS Mechanical, a General-purpose Finite Element Analysis Program, a Design Program Dedicated to Water Tanks is Established, Standards are set Identically to Actual Products, and results are Derived through Structural Analysis Simulation.
  • Stainless Steel Non-isolation Water Tank (Maximum Stress 113.47 MPA)
  • Stainless Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank (Maximum Stress 55.833 MPA)

ANSYS Self-introduced Structural Analysis Automation Program (WT Seismic Pro) Calculates Support Quantity and Location for each Water Tank Size.

All-in-one Insulation Type and Corner Round Panel

Insulation Performance and Durability Improved by Applying Integrated Panel / Reduction of stress Concentration by application of Round Panel without Corner Welding

    Warm Finish | Triple Structure Thermal Insulation Integrated Panel

    • Improvement of Water Tank Body Strength, Heat Preservation, and Insulation Performance by Applying Heat Preservation Integrated 100 T Panel and Round Corner Non-welding Technology
    • Incorporation of Patented Technology for STS Integrated Thermal Insulation Water Tank [Patent No. 10-1204897]

    Application of Corner Round Panel Water Tank

    • Incorporation of Patent Technology for Stainless Steel Water Tank [Patent No. 10-0890458]

Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank Shaking Table Test Verification Completed

    Earthquake Disaster Prevention Research Center Shaking Table Test

    • Earthquake Disaster Prevention Research Center Safety Verification Completed
    • The Highest in Korea, level 7.0 on the Richter Scale

    Shaking Table Test Results, Seismic wave Response Spectrum

    Non-Isolation BLack Seismic Isolation Red, Blue

Shaking Table Test Results, Maximum Water Pressure, Maximum Stress Reduction Rate

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Division Maximum Water Pressure (ton /m²) Maximum Stress (MPa)
Seismic Waves Non-Isolation NRB (Subsidiary) LRB (Comparison) Non-Isolation NRB (Subsidiary) LRB (Comparison)
KCSC 3.25 2.57 2.64 555.9 359.6 599.3
Hachinohe 3.66 2.64 2.77 538.1 397.4 497.2
Northridge 3.41 2.57 3.24 731.0 429.9 733.9
EI - Centro 3.32 2.88 2.99 596.2 480.8 599.8
Reduced Rate (Average) Non-Isolation Prepare NRB 20.68% Reduction Non-Isolation Prepare NRB 30.5% Reduction

Comparative Analysis result of Non-isolation Water Tank and Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank Applied with Seismic Isolation Support
Excellent Seismic Isolation Performance compared to Non-isolation Water Tanks by showing an Average Reduction rate of About 20% of the Maximum Water Pressure and About 30% of the Maximum Stress

Seismic Isolation Type Water Tank Technology Effect

    * Comparative Model of Internal Sloshing Phenomenon During an Earthquake in Seismic Isolation Type and General-type Water Tank
    Prevention of Sloshing Phenomenon because of Reduced Fluid Flow Inside the Water Tank (Prevention of Internal Damage)

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