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Moonchang Co., Ltd.Thinking About the Future and The Environment
We will Do Our Best to become a Technology-accumulating and Environment-friendly Company.

STS Lining

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Lining is a Technology to line the Inner wall of a Concrete Structure that is in Direct Contact with Water in Relation to a Water Purification Plant, Sedimentation Pond, Filter Paper, Water Purification Pond, Reservoir, etc., or a Concrete Water Storage tank of a General Building, with Molded Stainless Steel Panels It is an Eco-friendly Technology that Blocks Leaks and Fatigue caused by Hardening,Extends the Life of Structures, and Secures Hygieneand the Environment.


STS Lining

  • Designated as an Excellent Product by Public Procurement Service in 2012
  • 2013 Korea New Technology Excellence Award
  • STS Water Flow Guide Plate (Patent No. 1140762)
  • Structure for Discharging Condensed Water (Patent No. 0407498)
  • Adopted Duplex Stainless Steel for Permanent Corrosion Protection

Functions & Features

Moonchang Co., Ltd. Introduced the wall Panel Lining Method Using Duplex Stainless Steel for the First Time in Koreain 2002. It has Professionally Manufactured and Installed STS Lining for over 20 years, Possessing the Best Technology and Construction Capability in Korea

Korea’s First / Longest Construction

Participated in Korea’s First Yecheon Water Purification Plant Pilot Project in 2002

Necessity of Lining

Threats to Public Health and Safety Caused by Contamination of Stored Water
  • High Maintenance Cost because of Frequent Defects and Continuous Maintenance
  • Low Economic Feasibility Leading to Leaks and loss of Water Resources
  • Heavy Pollution | Short Life and Dirty Floor

  • Film Peeling | Leaks and Coating Marks

  • Heavy Pollution | Dirty Floor

  • Heavy Pollution | Epoxy-contaminated Water

Corrosion Resistance

By Applying Duplex Stainless Steel (STS329LD, STS329J3L), it has Excellent Corrosion Resistance to Chlorine Ions to Prevent Oxidative Corrosion and Enable Permanent Use.

    High Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel (STS329J3L, STS329LD)

    • The Duplex Stainless Steel Material is Waterproof and Durable.
      It has Corrosion Resistance Against Internal Chlorine Ions.
      Through this, Only Regular Maintenance can make the Sanitation of the Storage Water Permanent.

    Corrosion Resistance to Chlorine Ions

    • Statistical Data on Water Quality in Seoul and Busan Purification Ponds : Residual Chlorine Amount 0.6–1.2 ppm
    • Experiment Conditions (1 year and 2 months)
    • Residual Chlorine Content in Water Quality 0.8–1.2 ppm | Material STS304 / STS316L / STS329L

3D Scanner

Accurate Measurement without Error using 3D Laser Scanner

    Securing Design Reliability through Accurate Quantity Calculation

    • Short / Medium / Long Distance Precision Scan with Laser Broadband Scanner
    • Possible to Scan most Precisely Among Devices in its Class - Can Scan up to 140m with One Scan
    • Convenient Drawing by Interlocking with AutoCAD - Possible to work with Actual Standard

    AUTO CAD Linked Picture

    • AUTO CAD Modeling Pictures

    Through 3D Surface Flatness Scan Photos

    • Possible to Review the Flatness and Uneven Structure of a Specific Area
    • Suggestion of a dew Condensation Section and Structure Improvement Guide

STS Lining Structure

  • | High Corrosion Resistance
  • Lining Technology of Moonchang Co., Ltd. that Applied Duplex Stainless Steel (STS329LD, STS329J3L) Material as a Panel
  • | Domestic Original Patent
  • It Possesses Stainless Steel Lining Technology (Registered in 2002) and has the Highest Performance in Korea with Moonchang Co., Ltd.’s Expertise and Technology

STS Lining Patents Baffle Walls

Water Tank with Built-in Water Flow Guide Board | Patent No. 10-1140762
By Manufacturing and Installing a Water Flow Guide Plate without a Separate Concrete Structure, it Shortens the Stagnation of Water and Increases the Disinfection and Sterilization Effect by Increasing the Chlorine Contact Time.

  • Forcibly Generating Water Flow through the Circulation Guide Plate
  • A First-in-first-out Structure is created to Reduce the Residence Time of Water → Prevention of Microbial Propagation and Contamination

Construction Performance and Cases

    Major Construction Performance of Stainless Steel Lining

    • 300 Businesses
    • About 500,000 tons
    • 500 total


    • Sedimentation Basin

    • Water Purification Plant

      Circulation Guide Plate

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Mutual Place of Business Area Quantity (g) Texture
Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
Waterworks Office
Yeonseong Water Purification Plant Sedimentation Tank Spillware
Purchase and Installation of STS Panels
1,664m² 3g 329J3L
Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
Waterworks Office
Yeonseong Water Purification Plant Sedimentation Tank Spillware
Rrepair Work
1,769m² 3g 329J3L
Construction of Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Water and Sewerage Division, City Safety Bureau
Purchased Government-supplied Materials for Expansion and Advancement of Gyeongsan Water Purification Plant
(Water Resistant Water Tank)
4,296m² 1g 329J3L
Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Waterworks Office
Water Purification Plant Improvement Project
(STS Lining for Integrated Water Purification Plant)
3,290m² 2g 329J3L
Water and Sewage Office
Superfront Local Waterworks Emergency Supply Network Construction Project
(Buy STS Panel)
1,490m² 1g 329J3L
Waterworks Office
STS Lining Water Tank-Nongam-myeon
Water Supply Area Expansion Project
1,703m² 1g 329J3L
Korea Water Resources Corporation
Gumi Area Management Group
Gumi (Jeong) Integrated Water Purification Plant (2 Locations)
Manufacture and Purchase of STS Lining
12,541m² 1g 329J3L
Water and Sewage Office
Donam Water Purification Plant Expansion Work (Second Part)
Water Tank Waterproofing STS for Water Purification Plant
9,962m² 1g 329J3L
Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do Seongbon Industrial Complex and 2 other Industrial Complexes
Integrated Water Supply Facility
7,565m² 2g 329J3L
Yeongju City Waterworks Office Installation of Punggi Drainage STS Panel
Purchasing Government-supplied Materials for Construction
2,445m² 3g 329J3L
Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Clear Water Office
Pyeonghae Water Purification Plant Sedimentation Tank
STS Lining
1,188m² 4g 329J3L
Nakwon Construction Co., Ltd. Jingwan Reservoir Construction Work in Progress
10,514m² 2g 329J3L
Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Water and Sewage Office
Waterworks Purification Plant Remodeling
(Namsan Reservoir) Construction
2,234m² 1g 329J3L
Water and Sewage Office
Nambu Reservoir and Transmission and Drainage Facilities
Installation Work
2,096m² 1g 329J3L
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